Democratic silliness in Colorado race

Mark Udall must really be feeling the pressure in Colorado.

Udall’s campaign has been decrying a new ad from his opponent Cory Gardner. “To go after my late father…that’s just low,” he said. Other Democrats have taken up the cry. “It’s disgusting…beneath a candidate running for the Senate…Gardner should apologize to Sen. Udall and his family and pull the ad.”

Here is this terrible, low-down attack ad:

Oh my! “My opponent is a really nice guy.” What a disgusting insult! “His dad ran for President”. What a horrible charge! Unthinkable!

Nonsense. Democrats are clearly feeling the heat here. They’ve been blasting Garder for months, attacking him as indifferent or even hostile to women (talk about despicable attacks!), drawing on the “war on women” line that they’ve used before. And it doesn’t seem to be working. Gardner has led in the last five polls. For an attack ad, this one is very mild. In fact, it’s a very good ad, attacking his opponent while looking nice himself. The danger in attack ads is that it will also drive up the negative rating of the candidate airing the ad, because although voters respond to negativity by viewing the “attackee” more negatively, they don’t like negativity and so view the attacker more negatively as well. This one does a good job avoiding that danger, and Udall’s campaign knows it.

You can donate to Gardner’s campaign here.


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