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Top Republican campaign ads of 2014

Here is my list of some of the top 2014 GOP campaign ads so far. But keep in mind that this is a subjective list. Some of them reportedly played a large part in helping a candidate win a primary or take the lead in polls, but I have not tried to objectively measure how much they helped, nor am I sure how one would do that.

Squeal (Joni Ernst, Senate candidate in Iowa)

Although all the GOP candidates talked about cutting spending, Ernst made it memorable. This helped her stand out and win her primary.

Home (Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky)

McConnell is already leading, but this touching new ad may help him close the deal with Kentucky voters.

Already Fighting for Oklahoma (James Lankford, Senate candidate in Oklahoma)

This ad helped inoculate Lankford, a member of the House of Representatives, against charges that he is a Washington insider by turning his House membership into a positive.

Has My Back (Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina)

Haley has a number of effective ads touting her record, but this touching ad is probably the best.

Nice Guy (Cory Gardner, Senate candidate in Colorado)

This ad was so effective, Democrats immediately tried to decry it as a nasty attack on Udall’s family.

Coach (Mike McFadden, Senate candidate in Minnesota)

McFadden is probably fighting a lost cause against Al Franken, but this was an interesting and rather memorable ad.

Anthem (Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin)

Walker kicked off his reelection campaign with this ad touting his record.




Ohio Democratic gubernatorial campaign implodes

Being an Ohioan, I took special note of a story in yesterday’s New York Times that details the implosion of the Democratic campaign for governor in Ohio. The Democratic nominee is Ed Fitzgerald, the county executive of Cuyahoga County (the most populous county in the state). For some reason, the Democrats cleared the way for him to run without serious opposition in the primary, even though he was not very well known or tested in a big race. A couple incidents from his past came to light this summer that seriously hurt his candidacy: first, about two years ago he was found by police at 4:30 a.m. in a parked car with a woman who was not his wife. Second, it was learned that he did not have a driver’s license at the time: in fact, he drove for years without a valid license. His campaign has collapsed, losing donors and workers, trailing badly in the polls, and (Democrats worry) threatening the viability of other Democrats running for lower office in the state.