I’m an evangelical conservative Christian guy who enjoys thinking about and discussing politics and theology every now and then. I try to let my faith guide my politics, and not the other way around; this means thinking about political issues through a Christian worldview – like abortion, the family, American history, immigration, refugees, foreign policy, etc.. I think most Christians understand and try to do this, but too often they succumb to partisan politics and jump to whatever position is currently held by their own “side”, and then retroactively finding a way to fit it into their faith. It also means trying to treat my fellow humans with civility and respect, trying to be a positive witness for Christ, rather than turning people away with acrimony and bitter personal attacks.

I was born in 1985 and have lived in Ohio all my life, except for four years when I lived with my parents in Paraguay where they were serving as missionaries.

Theologically, I’m a dispensational Arminian Anabaptist; I believe firmly in the orthodox Protestant doctrines of sola scriptura, salvation by grace alone through faith alone, and the inerrancy of Scripture; I believe true saving faith is a living faith that works, not mere mental assent. Unlike many liberal Anabaptists, I don’t believe in the social gospel; while I believe in the traditional Anabaptist doctrine of nonresistance and loving your enemies (per Christ’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount), I’m not a political pacifist; I believe the government has the responsibility of wielding “the sword” (Romans 13), punishing evildoers, and protecting its inhabitants, among other things; I don’t try to achieve world peace through politics, nor do I think governments should “beat swords into plowshares” before the second coming of Christ and the millennial kingdom.

Politically: I’m a social conservative and foreign policy hawk (neoconservative, perhaps?), and tend to be reformocon or even moderate on fiscal issues. I do firmly support entitlement reform. My top issues:

(1-3) Abortion, religious liberty, Supreme Court justices

(4) Entitlement reform

(5) Foreign Policy

This blog is a place to publish and save my musings.


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